Without a Doubt [ebook free] by Marcia Clark (epub/mobi)

This #1 New York Times bestseller is not just a book about a trial. It’s a book about a woman. Marcia Clark takes us inside her head and her heart. Her voice is raw, incisive, disarming, unmistakable. Her story is both sweeping and deeply personal. It is the story of a woman who, when caught up in an event that galvanized an entire country, rose to that occasion with singular integrity, drive, honesty and grace. In a case that tore America apart, and that continues to haunt us as few events of history have, Marcia Clark emerged as the only true heroine, because she stood for justice, fought the good fight, and fought it well.

There must be at least a hundred books on the O.J. Simpson case available. Between those written before and during the trial and those written by the major players after, the Simpson case is surely one of the most analyzed cases ever tried. However, one voice had not been heard: that of the lone woman attorney in the courtroom. Clark not only was lead prosecutor for the Simpson case, she also became one of the most recognized people in America. Here Clark talks not only about the Simpson case but about her life before, during, and after trying the “case of the century.” She discusses her childhood, much of which was spent following her scientist father around the country from job to job, how she became a lawyer, and her move from the defense to the prosecution. During the analysis of the Simpson case she takes on her critics, telling how she knew she could never win. She does note the errors made by the police and criminalists as well as those made by her cocounsel Chris Darden. She expresses frustration with “The Dream Team,” but she is most angry with Judge Lance Ito, whom she says let celebrity get in the way of justice and made it impossible to get a fair hearing. She notes that race did play a role in this case, but celebrity was just as important. Clark lets us see behind the scenes as she dealt with the tabloid stories, the custody fight over her children, and the stress of trying to deal with her own celebrity. She does a fine job reading her story and helps bring it to life. This may be one of the best books on the Simpson case available. For all libraries.?Danna C. Bell-Russel, American Univ. Natl. Equal Justice Lib., Washington, D.C.








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